The company "ÄQUATOR GmbH" offers a wide range of transport and related services for cargo transportation in Europe, the countries of Central and East Asia, and China. We will work to optimize the logistics of your company and carry out freight transportation with any kinds of transport: road transport, sea container transportation.

  Due to our experience in transport logistics and a full range of custom services, we ensure a high speed of delivery and clearance of cargoes at minimal prices. You will find us a reliable partner in providing complex logistics services, including clearance of cargo, responsible storage and freight transportation of your goods on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Road transportation:


  The most popular type of cargo transportation today. Advantages: high speed, safety and security of the goods, the ability to control at any stage with the newest navigation techniques, delivery without delays and no intermediate loading and unloading.






  Sea routes are the best of choice for a long distance transportation. Water transport has the largest carrying capacity. All over the world, , there are networks of waterways that provide the movement of cargo ships. Sea cargo transportation is carried out in containers, as this is the most convenient and unified way of transportation.

  Transportation of carry bulk cargo by sea routes is carried out in the following directions:

  • China - Europe;
  • China - the countries of Central and East Asia.